About snap-note

Do you know snap-note?

We all know what it's like - you have a great idea but no paper and even worse no pen in sight. snap-note was born out of this misery on a flight from Stuttgart to Tenerife in 2009.

Necessity became a virtue and from the lack of pen arose a new invention: snap-note the paper that can write!

Initially, only a business card, we presented snap-note in January 2010 at the ASI in Orlando for the first time.

The concept is quite simple:
You snap off the pen part at the bottom of the card - fold it - and write down your idea on the note part - that's it.

Now snap-note is much more than a business card.
snap-note is an effective advertising medium. The universal application possibilities make it a perfect mass media for company presentations, advertising slogans and promotional ideas. snap-note can be used practically everywhere: on the road, in the car, on the court, for games, surveys, shopping lists, to note appointments or another great idea, wherever it may occur.

snap-note paper & pencil in one